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Video Still - Character Study - Judy Kaye

Broadway Buzz: See Nice Work If You Can Get It Star Judy Kaye’s Regal Transformation Into Estonia Dulworth, the Duchess of Woodford

July 25th, 2012 | By Staff

In Nice Work If You Can Get It, the new Gershwin tuner, Kelli O’Hara plays a rough ‘n’ tough bootlegger who falls in love with a rich playboy, played by Matthew Broderick. But as their romance blooms, trouble is on their tails. Stage vet Judy Kaye does just about everything (including swinging from a chandelier) to catch Billie and stop her from peddling the devil’s broth. Her onstage shenanigans as duchess-turned-prohibitionist Estonia Dulworth earned the actress her second Tony Award for her portrayal. In this video, find out why stepping into Estonia's “wonderful clothes” makes Kaye feel like a kid again, as she transforms into her Nice Work character.


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